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East London born and bred, I have lived and worked here all my life. My ‘landscapes’ are my response to the world I see and experience, filtered through discourse with philosophy, science, music, literature and so on. It’s wonderful to work within a traditional genre of painting and at the same time subvert it. As part of my process I overpaint photographs to explore and find ideas. This is driven by the example of my father who would overpaint the black and white photographs he had developed in the kitchen/darkroom, to add colour. This has led me to believe the best photograph is the overpainted one. Often the images I select  have been ‘borrowed’ from the internet. Some of the resulting ideas demand more attention and evolve to become larger works or even series. My paintings tend to take months to complete: I like to work on several at the same time. Usually they are finished with speed, adding final linear marks with oil paint squeezed straight from the tube. In the act of painting, layering marks, working with fine transparent paint to thick impasto and disrupting the surface with spay paint, I find things that come to dominate. I think of this as the ‘Unicorn’ in the work. The uninvited guest that makes things more interesting. In this way the painting itself isn’t necessarily limited to the ideas used to hang it on. It’s certainly the case that the studio is where I can make most sense of the world.

Within the 'great complexity’, my painting is a celebration of existence.